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Top Tenant Complaints and How to Solve Them

Kyle - Thursday, December 16, 2021
Property Management Blog

Prompt response and comprehensive solution to any of your tenants’ complaints is part of the job for any landlord. But unresolved issues can lead to a buildup of negative emotions and the termination of the tenancy once it expires. Something any landlord wants to avoid, especially with a quality tenant.

So, using our experience that spans over three decades managing over 600 properties in the Tucson area. We at Foothills Properties have put together this article to outline the top tenant complaints that landlords face and address how to solve them. 

property maintenance

Lack of Property Maintenance

Even with a new property, it is only a matter of time until signs of depreciation start cropping up. Complaints regarding maintenance and repair are the among most reported and can often be the subject of much frustration for your tenants. 

When you get communication of a maintenance issue, it is best that you send a professional over to the property to perform an inspection of the issue as soon as possible. Make sure to keep in contact with your tenant to ensure they know when the professional will arrive.

As a landlord, you will also have to consider the difference between depreciation and a tenant’s negligence or abuse. You are responsible for issues caused by normal wear and tear, such as appliances breaking down, while the tenant is responsible for other forms of maintenance issues. 

This should be made clear in the tenant lease agreement. In addition, the team from Foothills Properties recommends that you read the State Landlord-Tenant rules on the same subject. 

After the maintenance issue is handled, you should follow up with your tenant to ensure that they are satisfied with the repairs. 

noise complaints

Noise Complaints

Noise complaints between neighbors do happen, so as a landlord you must be prepared to deal with them effectively. 

First, it is a good idea to have the tenants try and resolve the issue between themselves. If properly communicated there is a higher chance of a peaceful resolution, which would hopefully keep your relationship with your tenant a positive one.

If the tenant continues to cause problems for others, you could choose to evict the tenant. After all, they would be in breach of their lease agreement as the right of quiet enjoyment is an implied covenant and should be always adhered to.

The eviction process is governed by State law. So, ensure you have a good understanding of what it entails to evict a tenant before beginning the process. We at Foothills Properties have plenty of experience in these matters and would be happy to help.

Infestations by Pests

Landlords are mandated by State Law to manage any infestations that happen within their rental units. But there are exceptions to this. 

If the infestation is caused by the tenant, the tenant should meet the costs of fumigation and other related costs. It is important to carry out regular inspections of your property to ensure it is being properly taken care of. 

If infested by cockroaches, termites, or rats, call a reputable exterminator. Inform the tenant when the exterminator is coming over for them to make the space accessible. If you own a multi-rental property, it is recommended that you inform the other renters to check for signs of infestation. 

pets causing problems

Pets Causing Problems

Many tenants own pets, so it’s relatively common for complaints to be filed regarding the behavior of these pets. This can be particularly troublesome when dealing with any pet-created mess in communal areas or dogs barking into the night, disrupting the neighbors of your tenants.

We recommend that you address the issue both in writing and verbally. Ask them to keep their animal in check throughout the day and night and ensure they are not breaching the terms of your rental agreement.

This way you are being proactive in resolving the issue for both your tenant and their neighbors. 

Bottom Line

The standards of quality property management are set quite high. Property owners must be willing to put in the time, effort, and resources to resolve their tenants’ complaints effectively and on time while avoiding any unnecessary evictions. So, why not help yourself by contacting the leading property management company in the Tucson area. 

With Foothills Properties, you are guaranteed a comprehensive management solution that meets your property needs as well as that of your tenants. Our team of professionals only employ the best industry practices to ensure that every tenant in your space has a smile on their face. 

Interested in Tucson property management services? Get in touch with us today and enjoy the services of a leading service provider in the market.