Choosing A Property Management Firm – Owner FAQ's

Property management can be difficult and complex. Legally, anyone with a real estate license can do it; but not everyone can do it well. Choose someone who has a proven track record of doing each aspect of property management better than the rest: from preparing the property for rent and determining competitive rent rates, to advertising, to qualifying prospects, to rent collection, to maintenance, to minimizing turnovers, to minimizing your legal risks, to keeping you informed and comfortable.

At Foothills Properties, our every action is focused on providing you with excellence in execution. Everything that impacts your property is carefully planned, even those things you don’t even know are necessary!

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were compiled to help you get a sense of who we are and decide whether we’re a good match for your management needs.

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Education & Training

Systems & Procedures

Communication & Availability

Preparing The Property For Lease - Owner Obligations – Setting The Standard

Marketing – Rent Rates

Leasing Guidelines

Security Deposits

The Lease

Agent Referrals

Managing Your Money

Repairs & Maintenance




Late Rent – Late Fees – Evictions – Collections

Lease Expiration Process – Renewal Or Move-Out?

The Move-Out



Management Contract

Bottom Line

We would love to be your Property Manager. Let’s begin!