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Do you want to tap into the experience of established property managers? If so, Foothills Properties can help! 

At Foothills Properties, we manage around 600 properties. Our specialization includes single-family homes, townhomes, condos, vacation and corporate properties. 

We’ve been helping Tucson property owners achieve their investment goals since 1985. That’s over 35 years of property management experience!

When you hire us, you won’t just be hiring another property management company. You’ll be hiring a company that understands your goals and is ready to offer you peace of mind. 

As a proven and trusted management company, we maintain professional relationships with several realty organizations. These include the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Tucson Association of Realtors (TAR), Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) and the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). 

We service the areas of Tucson, Marana, Vail and Oro Valley. 

So, are you ready to fill your vacancies with great tenants, maintain your unit to top standards, enjoy on-time rent payments, and more? If so, get in touch with us. You can do so by dialing 520.299.7941. 

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Our Property Management Services

As a full-service property management company, you can expect comprehensive services. We can help you fill your rentals with quality tenants, maintain your unit, collect rent every month and even help you evict problem tenants.

While property management isn’t exactly rocket science, it’s demanding, exacting, complex and extremely challenging. That’s where Foothills Properties steps in to take the pressure off your shoulders. The following are some of our services.

1. Property Marketing

green valley property marketing

A vacancy is every landlord’s worst nightmare. There’s zero rental income, and you’ve still got some bills to pay. That’s negative cash flow!

At Foothills Properties, we have honed our marketing skills to a fine edge. With our services, you can expect to get a tenant within just a few weeks.

We’ll ensure your vacant unit gets the widest internet exposure possible. It will be advertised on leading rental listing sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Craig’s List, Tucson MLS, as well as on our own website.

Additionally, we’ll use traditional advertising methods. For example, yard signs, word-of-mouth and bulletin boards. Our goal is to ensure you return to cash-flow positive as quickly as possible.

2. Tenant Screening

We don’t just rent to any tenant that comes looking for a home to rent. We only rent to desirable tenants that pass all of our screening criteria. We aim to rent to tenants that meet the following requirements: 

green valley tenant screening
  • Can pay rent on time. We are able to establish this by looking into the tenant’s rental history. We also require that prospective tenants earn sufficient income to enable them to comfortably pay rent. 
  • Is creditworthy. A tenant who is creditworthy is usually financially responsible. Among other things, that means they will pay rent on time and take good care of the premises. 
  • Is not convicted of a relevant crime. We’ll also dig up a prospective tenant’s criminal history to see whether they have been convicted of a relevant crime. Keeping all tenants safe is one of our main priorities.
  • Have a history of abiding by lease terms. We will also call previous landlords to check whether the tenant was abiding by the lease terms or not. 

What’s more, we’ll also choose tenants based on your standards. For example, if you don’t accept pets, we’ll make sure to include that in our screening process as well. 

3. Leasing

We’ll help you come up with a foolproof lease or rental agreement. We’ll make sure it incorporates all of your requirements and protects both you and your property. 

Before lease signing, we expect prospective tenants to pay for all move-in costs, including the first month’s rent and security deposit. The deposit is equivalent to 1.5 times the rent of one month. 

4. Property Maintenance

Foothills Properties can also ensure your property looks its best at all times. We have a group of qualified, insured and licensed handymen who help us in this regard. They are reliable, professional and cost-effective. 

Our inspections are periodic to ensure your home is properly taken care of. This we do for a number of reasons. For one, this ensures adherence to both Arizona and Green Valley’s safety, health and building codes. 

green valley property maintenance

Two, periodic inspections help keep a tenant happy. And guess what? A happy tenant is a happy you! Generally, such a tenant will rent longer, take good care of your property, and pay rent on time. 

And three, you’ll help keep your Green Valley rental property attractive to prospective tenants. This can help minimize vacancies. 

5. Legal Compliance

As a landlord, you have to abide by a vast number of rental laws. If you have managed a property before, you understand that property management legislation is ever-changing. 

When self-managing your property, keeping up with these laws and frequent changes can be overwhelming. But remember, ignorance of the law can be a defense in court. 

With Foothills Properties, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to keep your property legally compliant. Aside from understanding each and every tenancy law, our in-house training also ensures we keep updated on every change. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us today. You can reach us on 520.299.7941. 

Green Valley Area Information

Green Valley is a census-designated place in Pima County, Arizona, and is located along the western side of the Santa Cruz River. According to the latest census figures, Green Valley is estimated to have a population of 20,902.

Green Valley is a great place to live, work and play. Each year, thousands of local and international tourists flock the area because of the many tourist spots.

Some of the attractions in the area include Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Quail Creek Country Club, Desert Meadows Park, and Titan Missile Museum. Source From Wikipedia

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