Build Your Credit History Now
By Paying Rent Online!

Welcome New Foothills Properties Resident:

We are pleased to provide a rent payment program for our Tenants and Vacation Guests which allows you to easily take care of your rent obligation, while at the same time building your credit history!!

Our rental payment partner, RentTrack, allows us to simplify your payment experience with easy online rent payments, so you can just “set it, forget it, and build credit history.”

  • Pay by eCheck or credit card. E-checks are $2.50 and credit cards are 3.25%.
  • Reminder emails when rent is due.
  • Build and Monitor your personal credit score. RentTrack can report your on-time payments to major credit bureaus to build your credit history. A recent study by TransUnion found 80% of renters increased their VantageScore in one month!

We know your lives are busy and we want to help ease your stress with this great offer. Look for an e-mail from RentTrack shortly which will contain instructions on setting up your personal payment account.

**Note The Following Details:

  1. The rent balance must be paid in full. Partial payments or less than full balance payments will not be accepted.
  2. The payment window is open monthly from the 25th  to the 3rd.
  3. Recurring payments are not allowed.  You must set up a new one-time payment each month between the 25th and the 3rd.
  4. For additional information, visit