Tips To Follow When Breaching An Unfurnished Lease

  • High season for unfurnished rental activity is April 1 thru Aug 15 - between school terms
  • If you have any control of your timing - for instance deciding when to purchase a house - you should plan to close on the new house and vacate your rental between April 30 and July 31
  • If you have no control of your move-out, we DO write leases all year round and additionally there are periods here and there throughout the year where leasing spikes
  • Give as much advance notice as possible and make your property openly available to remarket and show to prospective Tenants. It can be inconvenient, but the quicker we can re-rent the property, the quicker you can forget that inconvenience AND be free of future rent payments.
  • Your Property Manager can give you additional advice regarding whether or not offering to give an amount towards the rent would motivate prospective tenants – depending upon the time of year and other factors.
  • Please refer to your Lease for all associated costs potentially incurred when breaching your Lease. At move-out, your original Security Deposit Reconciliation will reflect costs – including rent – through the term of the Lease and there will be no monies released at this time. As the property is re-rented, a revised Security Deposit Reconciliation will be sent to you with an exact accounting of remaining monies owed or due, depending upon your individual situation.