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What Are Property Management Fees in Tucson, AZ? | Education for Landlords

The cost of property management depends on the fees that a company charges. As you can guess, there are management fees that you’ll pay in exchange for the professional services that a property manager provides.   // read more >>

When is the Best Time to Rent Your House? Tucson Property Management Advice

A lot of landlords ask about the best time to rent out a house. My standard answer to that question is – right now is better than waiting. You should rent it out when you need to get it rented. In some cases, waiting can be better. I guess it depends on your market.  // read more >>

Tenant Screening 101: How to Spot Red Flags in a Background Check in Tucson, AZ

There’s a process for how we qualify prospective tenants, and today we are sharing some Tucson tenant screening tips. It’s important to look at each tenant the same way and rate them the same way to comply with all fair housing requirements.  // read more >>

Why Work with Foothills Properties in Tucson, AZ?

At Foothills Properties Management & Realty, we provide Tucson property management for investors and landlords. We want to tell you why you should choose us to manage your residential rental property in Tucson. There are many reasons to work with us, but one of the best reasons is our commitment to education.  // read more >>

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